• Perfection at its finest

    by  • February 2, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, Thinking of you • 0 Comments

    I often get asked what is my type of guy. Do I like this type or that type? I always sit there searching for words to explain but fail to make any sense. Why do I have to have a type?

    Every single person I have ever dated and been attracted to have been complete opposites from the next. Older. Younger. Blonde. Black. Brown. Dark skin. Light skin. Blue eyes. Brown eyes. None of that ever is a factor for me. The only thing in common is that they all are guys.

    I am always drawn to guys that people think are bad boy types. Most times they are intelligent and driven. Quite a few write and a couple were very gifted with their abilities. There is just something about a guy with a brain that I find so hot.

    Everybody is all team mcdreamy and I am team avery all the way. They are all Derek Morgan and I am all about some Spencer Reid. Don’t get me wrong they are all hot but come on…looks are not everything.

    I guess that is what is so damn crazy about this whole ordeal. You are hot and fearless like Derek but you are smart like Spencer. I have dated enough guys to know how rare you are. Please don’t ever change!


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