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    I still have your movie ticket for that Saturday on the 27th Jan 2018 the one I invited you out for

    I decided to buy you a ticket just in case you came late

    The movie wasnt that good by the way lol

    It was a dry comedy movie

    The action movie I wanted to choose since I know we both love action movies was going to come on late so I opted for this one.

    Waited for an hour and a half for you, eating popcorn while sitting in the waiting area

    Longest hour and a half of my life not knowing whether you are going to pitch up or not

    Many thoughts going through my mind

    I know it was unconventional inviting you that way but for me it felt like a safe option

    But its in the past now

    I think I will keep this ticket as a memento

    Rantings of a woman in love

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