• Addiction

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    I just don’t know how to be myself anymore. You are like an addiction that I just can’t get past. You are my drug that I can’t get enough of. Oh you!

    You are amazing!. You inspire me! Do you know how many words I have written about you? But in my experience, the people we meet in life who touch our souls are the ones we should fear. They are the ones we should run from. They are the ones who can cause us real pain. It isn’t worth it.

    I was peaceful and happy. Then you shook up my world, without warning. I never knew you existed.But. I love you. Despite that fact, you are special. You are amazing. I hope that you never doubt that. You got down on one knee and proposed, an honor I did not even receive from the man I accepted. dIt’s just too bad how our lives have intersected at the wrong times. I accept the pain that my past decisions have endebted me to.

    But I can’t deny that I love you. You are special in a way that I can never let you know. You hold too much power over me.

    But I can’t help it. I lust for you. I hurt for you. I love you.

    –No one important, at least not to you.

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