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    The witchy shop on the northern end of the city that I enjoy giving my attention to. They recently had a ad campaign for their house made candles made with spellcraft. I was into the ppb ( yeah you know me ) and ordered the purify,protect,bless candle. It was decorated with different herbs for directed

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    To I:

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    There is so much I wish I could say to you. I wish I had that chance to say that to you now, but I know I won’t get another. I’ve tried so hard to move on since your overdose; but truth is, I haven’t and I can’t. I’m trying so hard to forget what

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    Feeling Romantic

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    Over a Missed Connection I say. In the midst of disaster. I await in the still. There within the brilliant radiance of the storms clear eye. I will someday greet your lips with mine. ————————– I dedicate to you: ‘Desencuentro’ A song by a lyrical genius now known as ‘Residente’ Who has a very interesting

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    How is it possible?

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    Ty, It has been over four months since we said our half hearted goodbyes…I wish I didn’t lie about how I really felt about you.. I did this for the both of us…so it would be easier to leave what we had…Even though what we had was so short lived… How is it possible that

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