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    Ever meet someone who takes your breath away? You write poems to try to encapsulate it, you try to take a mental memory of the picture of who the person is just for safekeeping. You tuck away their ideas, and their thoughts for rainy days, for hope, for the part inside you that tantrums when

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    My Muse Forever

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    Dear Cin, I have found it impossible to sweep the memory of you from my day to day existence much less my life. I truly hated severing that single thread that kept us in contact but felt so damn foolish for chasing a feeling that was not there. I know I am in no position

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    I cant help the way you feel toward relationships I’ve also felt that way at one point all i can say is not to let your past Get in the way of what could be a beautiful beginning. I cant promise you much Only my friendship and all the love i have for you. Im

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