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    Actually I know it’s over but I still hold on to you. Stupid, right? You’ve revealed your true face and it’s the dark and twisted version of the memory I have when we first met.
    How come I didn’t notice back then? Why did I turn a blind eye to you every time you fucked up?
    I thought it was love but now I’m not sure anymore.
    It sucks and my mind screams “Get the fuck outta here”.
    So what do I do?

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    One Response to GTFO

    1. Anonymous
      January 19, 2018 at 12:43 am

      Sometimes it takes time for someone’s true colors to show. It’s hard to find out what a person really is like. Because what we see in ourselves is reflected back in another person. Likewise with intentions and seeing the twistedness of a person. If we aren’t of that mindset and genuinely care about people. Thenit is very difficult to see that…Yes. There are people who will use you, manipulate you, play with your heart, fool you, hurt you all for their own gain. And there are even people really getting into dark magic. It has become a trend. There are people using love spells even…appalling. As crazy as it sounds. Intention and energy can create almost ANYTHING. Remember. Some people feed more off the pain they cause you than the fear of losing you. Some simply do not care 🙁
      So what do you do? I’m but a person on the internet. I’m not in your shoes (though I have been in a very similar situation) And my advice. Do whatever you like with it. Whatever you choose. Do it for you. If you feel that this person needs to leave. Then you need to honor that decision. You will grow stronger, heal and hopefully love yourself more and find someone WORTHY of YOU. The decision is ultimately you. You are the creator of your own life. Choose Wisely. Some people come into our life as lessons and some as blessings.



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