• With love to you

    by  • January 9, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I’m sorry if I made you feel uneasy
    But if you want to know
    I do like you a lot
    And this doesn’t happen for me cause i hate ppl lol
    I don’t feel this way often and with just anyone..
    it was comforting like if I knew you my whole life
    It may have just been me though
    You made me laugh without really trying to
    Your fun to be around even though you make me a little nervous (idk why)
    My heart starts pounding and i get a little withdrawn :/
    So I rarely look you in your eyes for too long cause I get scared you’ll think I’m creepy lol
    But I kind of let my guard down when we started talking
    Everything happened so quickly
    I didn’t realize how I felt until you started being distant
    It was hard to let it all go
    Walk away like it never happened.
    Yea it kind of hurt but I’m not mad at you.
    Well whatever your feeling or going through I’m sorry I cant do anything to help I wish I could
    I would hug you and tell you everythings going to be fine :p
    I do hope you know
    You should have more faith in yourself
    Your a really sweet guy and someone special should count themselves lucky to be with you.

    How crazy would it be if I’m not even talking to the person I think I am.. oh god.

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