• Another FairyTale

    by  • January 9, 2018 • To You • 0 Comments

    When her husband got hurt, she continued to give, again and again. Did she receive a phone call, asking how she is? Nope. Did she get a “Do you need anything?” Nah. Did she ever hear, “OMG, Baby, You are an amazingly string woman?” Check. Did she wake up one night, drunk AF, sleeping in the room with her hubby, hearing heated breathing? Check. Does she know the truth deep within? and could never trust you again? Yet you feel that she is worthless enough to ever know the truth? That you fucked your cousins girl just to satisfy your selfish desires of making you “feel” wanted. Yet, I haven’t given myself to you willingly in so long… ugh. Yep, you know I heard it that night. And you deny, yet you continuously remind me that I am the one who cheated back then.” And you cheat with HER?!” oh wait! You didn’t, because I was too frozen in fear and too insecure to wake up and get up to see you two going at it. So I chose to listen as I pretended to sleep and listen to the heavy breathing. And now you wonder why I can’t get wet over you. Yea. Sex is no longer physical. I need a man who is willing to GIVE to me: One who WANTS me to feel hot, desired, wanted, and sexual.


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