• Once Upon a Time, Our FairyTale, Pt3

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    Months passed as she attempted to decipher her feelings. She contemplated whether love was real. She thought about how each man made her feel. She worried that her husband had found another love, as she felt shame and guilt for her newfound attraction. Projection, as it were. Analyzing each relationship multiple times only left her more confused with more questions. She knew she was a horrible person and found herself wondering how this had all happened. She made attempts to rebuild her marriage, but each attempt left her feeling unfulfilled.

    Things changed when they gained their roommate. He became more distant, and spent less and less time around the pair. A part of her was pleased by this, as it made things easier to come to the conclusion that she meant nothing to him. She did; however, miss the friendship they once shared.

    Over time she came to the conclusion that what she and her husband had built over the years was not worth destroying, and she was not willing to throw it away. Why would she want to go through it all again with someone else? Especially if that someone clearly doesn’t enjoy her company.

    She did still long for the friendship. She missed his presence, so she began to reach out. She thought she could handle her feelings. When she came across something that her friend might enjoy, she sent it to him. He very rarely replied though. Their conversations became idle chit chat. That was better than the silence though. He would watch movies with them and eat dinner with them, but then he would disappear.

    One day, she planned a ball. Everyone in the land came. Kings and queens alike, while the princes and princesses dreamed their own fairytales. She got a little tipsy and acted out a bit, which irritated her friend. He told her never to speak to him again; although, she couldn’t remember why. They no longer speak.

    Everyday they live life as if the other doesn’t exist. She won’t reach out, because he told her not to and it is easier for her this way. With every day that passes she grows more comfortable with the silence between them. At least this way, she knows where she stands. A part of her wants to reach out, but then she remembers the distance between them before and figures it is better this way. A part of her wants him to reach out, but then she knows that would just give her selfish heart false hope and cause more confusion. Or her pride and anger will lash out. Either way, disaster will strike. Are they to be two people avoiding the acknowldgement of each other forever?

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