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    Dear M (Mo)
    I love praying for your special someone; Your companion, best friend, love, cherished one and someone who will cherish, love and worship you. I pray she is out there for you and you find and meet each other because you see… I want your happiness. I’m sorry if I unintentionally hurt you, but I pray that the love you find will make you forget all your woes and sadness and past heartache. I hope you are both worthy of each other and take care of each other’s happiness. I’m sorry to have caused you any trouble and heartache, because I don’t think I like to see it feel your sadness, it troubles me as well. I always wanted to kiss the back of your hands and show you how special you are and adored and respected. I hope you find a woman who respects you just as much and more. I have realised that we are alone love, when we love we can be alone, but that’s ok, when it’s the right time, all will settle and you will know exactly what to do. Don’t worry love. But the sadness and remorse all fade away under the light of your happiness and smile… I continually find that I pray and feel an extremely happy and joyful life for you. I know how much you will love her and she will be your life. I get profound happiness from those thoughts and feelings. She will spread happiness and you will be the beautiful and one of the best husband there was – I’m not kidding. I know you will be so good to her.

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      January 15, 2018 at 8:33 pm

      This from P (Poh), someone you met briefly in 2014.
      from Sydney, Aust.

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