• Mixed signals

    by  • January 7, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    I really really like you. I have done since I have known you, which is a good 9 years now. The past 4 months you were really there for me when i split up for my boyfriend, you messaged constantly, giving me advice and making feel so much better. I wouldn’t have dealt with the pain of breaking up , if it wasn’t for you.
    I think i might of been under the illusion that you might actually like me…but recently it feels like you are avoiding messaging me and i feel like maybe you are bored with me?
    I feel like i was being overbearing and maybe annoying, so i backed off. I have a feeling that you like someone else anyway, i don’t feel i compare to the beautiful women you like on instagram, i don’t feel like i am the type of person that you would find attractive. This makes me feel so sad. You said that you want to come over to my house and see my new room. I just feel like maybe that you are stalling? When we talk i feel like we have so much in common and i love the way that you see the world. All i want to do is know you much more. I can’t imagine myself being with anyone else… and maybe i need to?

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