• The Past is the Past

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    I remember when you first messaged me over Twitter and tried so hard to get me to go out with you. You told me I was your “dream girl” and spoiled me. Although I had always dreamt about someone treating me this way, I could not help the fact that I was not that impressed or attracted to anything but your blue eyes. You were forceful and persistent in your ways and I guess I had nothing better at the time to do, so we became friends. When things got physical, I told you I didn’t want sex or to be intimate. This should have been my first indication that I was not into you. But your forcefulness and persistence prevailed and you soon manipulated me into having a physical relationship with you. It isn’t until 3 years after seeing you for the last time, that I realize how strong the bond between us was and how it is truly meant for the bonds of marriage. We are both married but I cant help but think about you in the sense of wishing you did not do the same thing to your now, wife that you did to me. Manipulated her into a relationship when she is so clearly more attractive than you. It is clear to me now that you are an opportunist, just pouncing on girls that you feel are the most vulnerable. I wish you the best, but I have to admit, I wish I never was physical or let you manipulate me in the time I was needing love and friendship. I pray and hope that you have changed that aspect of your persona/character for the sake of your new wife and family.

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    1. @soul ties
      January 4, 2018 at 3:29 pm

      I wasn’t going to write here anymore, but after reading your letter I felt like I need to share this. This is not only for you but probably many of us here that may be encountering the same problem. Also, I realize not everyone beliefs in spiritual realm-still it may be help for some:

      “…Soul ties are formed by Jezebel’s seducing spirit. Your relationship with Jezebel started as someone you admired and was a friendly companion you looked to for counsel. Slowly she became your teacher, helped you make decisions, offered spiritual insight, advice, wisdom, direction, and a sense of security. Maybe she even offered faith-filled words of confirmation and guidance. One day she changed, confusion hit your mind, condemnation set in, you felt insecure, isolated, tired, emotionally drained and ready to give up.

      Jezebel creates codependent followers through emotional manipulation. This woman said, “When I was at a low point in my life and feeling lonely that is when Jezebel entered my life. At first she seemed like the perfect friend and an answer to prayer. As time went by she slowly changed and started putting me down and being cold with me.”

      The Jezebel spirit has spellbinding powers. Jezebel is a spirit, not a gender. A married man wrote desperate for help saying, “I cannot get this other woman out of my head.” He was bewitched, seduced, and taken captive in his emotions. Another victim penned, “I almost left my husband for someone with a Jezebel spirit. I did not realize how the spirit of seduction could get such a firm hold on my mind. During my encounter with Jezebel’s seduction I got to the point where I could not even think straight, my judgment was clouded, and things I used to be able to do I could not do anymore.”

      Every person you have sex with leaves a part of them in you. That part in you is a soul tie. Some, not all, soul ties come from sexual relations. Many more come from emotional manipulation. Repentance must take place and soul ties broken. Jezebel’s control beats you down a little at a time. At some point, you lose personal identity, self-worth, your life seems over, and God is finished with you. Jezebel’s demonic power sucks the life right out of you and makes you want to give up and quit….”

      Google more about this if you like.

    2. PeterC
      January 4, 2018 at 4:38 pm

      Hi there. It just sounds like you wanted caring, affection, and connection. Your person sounds like he provided some of that to you, and then pushed hard for a physical relationship. You eventually said yes, though you had misgivings, and now it sounds like you regret having made that decision. You said, “I wish I never was physical.”

      Sounds like maybe a learning about yourself? That it can be hard to find the strength to say no when someone keeps saying yes? I wonder what might be different now, I wonder how you might find the strength to keep saying ‘no’ the next time and to honor your own wishes and desires? And maybe get enough support so that you don’t have to be manipulated into saying ‘yes’ eventually?

      We can’t do much about the people the universe brings into our path. Some are wonderful, some are toxic, and many are in between. What we CAN do something about is how we are. Everyone has the right to ask for what they want, and to say ‘no’ to what they do not want. Everyone. I’m hoping you can take learnings from this experience that help you grow in awareness and strength.


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