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    I have to confess this somewhere, so i guess it may as well be here. I have a bf of quite a few years now, whom I do love very much. Hes hurt me in the past, but i forgive him every time. One of the most recent hurts, was that he did something behind my back that i never thought id ever be able to bring myself to forgive, but I have. And we are moving forward. Yeah, what he did still haunts me and makes me question his love for me. It makes me insecure at times and paranoid. But a part of me understands it all.

    And you. I see you almost every day. You’re married and i could be confused..sometimes i think you might be attracted to me too. Then again, im afraid to think or feel anything. I know you’re married and id never do anything to try to come between you and your wife, i know its incredibly disrespectful and god, i just wish i didn’t feel this way. Its like sometimes when i’m around you, like in a room alone with you, the break room or the back room…, idk. I feel like such a little girl and i know you’re like 50 something and said today you think you’re an old man… I really don’t think you’re that old. And i just always want to say something so badly, but i don’t want to make things uncomfortable and awkward and i sometimes just want to push this feeling i have aside b/c i know its just a stupid little crush and its wrong. And that one valentines day you said you think i’m very pretty, really kinda reinforced my feelings more. But idk. You’re a nice guy. You seem nice with everyone and maybe that’s really all it is. But you’re actually really cute. Its driving me crazy and maybe its a good thing that you cut out one of your days b/c I def. Have a thing for you that when i see you i cant shake.

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    1. Voice of Reason
      January 4, 2018 at 6:29 am

      Your answer is in your post. Your bf cheated on you, which makes you want to hurt him the way he hurt you. The attention you really want is from your boyfriend, not some old man lol. Because the old man gave you attention that you have been longing for, you think you like him. But you don’t. Listen, married men give attention because they know it works and doesn’t take much for someone to put out because they know your desperate for it but they don’t actually want you. Don’t pursue this, don’t be white trash/trailer park. Also, you would be lower than your boyfriend since I’m sure he didn’t break up a family. Go be single, have fun with single men, or work out your issues with your boyfriend, but don’t put your issues on a married couple,because you feel unfulfilled in your relationship. No one wants extra baggage. So go and work on yourself in a positive manner without any help from any man. You got this.

      • L.
        January 5, 2018 at 3:35 am

        Thank you for the advice. Youve given me much to think about. I think youre right. It would be really trashy too. And i cant imagine if i were somebodys wife that id want some girl trying to swoon my husband. Its just not right.

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