• Digesting You

    by  • January 3, 2018 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 1 Comment

    I’m so sorry for being annoying. I know I bother you quite a lot. I just gotta move on and what not. It makes me feel stupid every time I chase after you and get rejected. I have no idea why I’m like this. It’s totally not healthy. And I know you don’t care for any of my words at all…

    I think you should block me cause I’m probably gonna keep messaging you and it’s only gonna piss you off. I have no self control..working on that. I just wanted to save face cause I don’t want you to have  negative thoughts of me…or think I’m just some dumb girl.
    And even if you do..well fuck I’m not.

    Tbh working on digesting you.
    Don’t hurt people Dom..at least try.
    And try not to be such a jerk.

    I actually loved you like really and I know you think that’s stupid. I can already picture your “wtf” reaction in my head. You’re tough and don’t care..got it. I’m not. I’m sensitive af but when I care for people I really go all out. It’s not so bad ya know..
    And I know I’m not the greatest person in the world dammit..but my intentions were honest.

    -The girl with the bird tattoo

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    1. Zamza
      January 6, 2018 at 12:24 am

      Well when i read that it made me think of 1 a girl with a bird tatoo that i used to know and well if this bird is i think kind of blue green just about over your right breast. Then. I will say looks like your in the discard phase as far as you and him go .
      Cause heass found a new supply. And trust you are way better then tha

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