• I’m sorry

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    I thought we were best friends. I loved you as much as i loved my brother and my mother. You were so damn important to me but you constantly hurt me and put me down and never saw how much I cared about how you were. I understand you have a life and other friends but did that mean having to cut me out of your life for your little popularity contest to stay friends with them. I was there when no one else was.

    When your dad and sister were only giving you crap for your birthday I came over after work with a crappily baked cake and a present because i knew you deserved so much more. When your dad kicked out I instantly offered for you to stay at my house without a second of hesitation. Each time your boyfriend and you broke up I was there for you in seconds.

    But when it came to my issues… you couldn’t be there for me. When my dad choked me and threw me against the wall i ran to straight to you but you did nothing not even held me as i cried.When everyone canceled for my birthday you did too. You gained everything from me but when it was time to give, you couldn’t even tell me its going to be okay. But hey, i guess i learned a lesson of who i can and cant trust.

    This year of friendship will be our last. The second the clock strikes 12:00 and its officially January 1, 2018 you will no longer be in my life. No more ditching classes together, no more coming over unannounced (or at all), no more hurting me. I love you so much but i am truely sorry. What I think is the worst part of all of this… you probably won’t even care but I’ll be breaking on the inside.

    You were my best friend, but its time to say goodbye.

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