• Being a more informed woman

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    Going to learn how to bow hunt this year and also jumping on the wagon completely for THM for becoming healthier and lose this weight. My relatives have lost 20 pounds since Thanksgiving.

    I also want to get some fishing in this coming year and actually catch a salmon in the fall. I also want to learn how to hunt deer and eat off the land. Anybody know how to keep it from tasting gamey?

    I am also going to be learning how to do sound and video production this year. I used to hate learning cause I was always afraid of failing but now I realize how important it is to learn new skills and become more well rounded.

    I hope you don’t mind a woman who wants to become a better person. I don’t want to end up a coach potato and I do want to feel sexy and skinny again this the reason for finally doing something about it and sticking with it.

    I’ve been doing a lot of research on THM and preparing for it.

    My greatest hope is seeing the good in life and people this year and stop focusing so much on self. May this year be one where I can make the difference in somebody’s life.

    My greatest hope is in love and earning trust.


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