• my letter to you.

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    Dear You,

    It all started with a joke.
    You didn’t expect me to the person that I am. But I am.
    You never said that you love me. But I didn’t expect it. You’re leaving me now. Without a word. You’ve been shutting me out, but what else do I expect. I tell you of my hopes and dreams for the future, but all you say is “I can’t promise anything.”
    You would know in a heartbeat this is meant for you, but I submit it anonymously because I’m too cowardly.
    However through everything, I still find myself waiting for your stupid name to pop up in my notifications. Something as small as “I’ve been so busy” would suffice, but I’m a second thought in a thoughtless mind.
    I find it troubling how much I think of you. When I see something that makes me smile, I think of you. When I hear that one freaking song, I think of you. When I do my hair a certain way.
    You’ve grown to be someone who accepts the love you’re shown. But not enough to express the love you feel.
    This all seems so dramatic, but you are you. You’re the you I want to wake up to every morning. You’re the you who tried so hard to make me feel so happy. You’re the you who used that stupid gray suit that you knew I loved to get me to kiss you. I will always love you for that. But I know what you want. And after these next two years, I know it’s not going to be me.


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