• Male Therapist Discrimination?

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    An open letter to the massage world:
    Time to stir up things up a bit. So, what IS the deal with hiring male massage therapists over 50? Do we have some sort of disease? Y’all afraid we are going to up and die on you? Are we that astronomically horrible at massage that no one will give an opportunity? Really? We must’ve got lied to about the quality of our massages while in school. We’re licensed but no one wants to hire us.

    Discrimination, perhaps? Hard to prove from either side but now the can of worms is open. We pose the question: Are you discriminating against us because we are male? over 50? What is the reason precisely? Do your due diligence and research before you answer because we have done our homework. Remember, #Metoo works both ways, let’s make this political, shall we?

    We have investigated and have found that massage shops are short people, no one wants to work the odd hours, nights, weekends. We will. There is a demand for therapists, but only the young, cute, fuzzy, sparkly ones it seems. It seems the cute, fuzzy, sparkly ones also don’t work weekends, evenings or holidays as it is below them. Massage is about providing a therapeutic experience for your clients. What happened to their needs?

    Getting the runaround regarding any job seems be par for the course. One has to chase down potential employers across the spectrum and corner them to get a response positive or negative. Why the spineless avoidance stance? I wish people/businesses were professional about this. If it’s true come out and say it. Grow a pair and speak your truth. Give everyone a fair shot if they are qualified.

    We may never get jobs in the massage field after this comes to light. What’s the difference, we were unemployable anyway, right? Some of us have planned ahead and will be out there interacting, watching, listening and paying strict attention. Lord only knows what the rest will do.

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