• Maintaining Balance

    by  • December 27, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, To You • 0 Comments

    To keep the vibrations at a stable level, so that it doesn’t cause me to physically shake, I have to take some deep breathes to expel the excess energy buildup. Not like you’re not going to notice it any less than the vibrational energy after affects, I’m sure you noticed, but it helps me tremendously when I start to feel the energy building up, to just breathe in from my toes to top of head and expel. You always have found an excuse to stand near me, like the other day, You stood behind me for a bit, you stepped away a step and paused again, it felt like we were communicating somehow, especially when I looked up after you walked away and I see you staring back at me, another long pause.. well anyway, as you know, my poker face is only a cover, I know what you feel beneath the surface, because I feel it too. And honestly, I probably told you she was lying to you during that communication.

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