• Love

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    I wonder if you can feel it? My soul longing to embrace you?
    I wonder if you can feel my urges?

    You act so indifferent. That fact alone tells me that I am right in my thinking processes. I don’t trust what I feel.

    “Follow your heart.” A phrase that is repeatedly spoken to us throughout our lives. I have learned; however, throughout my life that my heart is a whore and a traitor. I am trying desperately to change that. But there you are. Day after day.

    A cycle. Life is a cyclel.

    Love. What is love? To me, it can be broken down into a vast majority of goodness. Mostly light with a speck of darkness. To me, love is a bond. It is attraction and friendship speckled with desire. It is fun, excitement, fire and fury mixed with intimacy, honesty, kindness, and self sacrifice. It is support and giving, loyalty and strength. But that doesn’t mean perection. We are all flawed. Then enters betrayal, pain, and shame, which all pave the way for understanding, forgiveness, compassion, and acceptance. To me, love can be broken down into basic human principles. It is all pf them at once.

    Am I the only one who feels this way? Am I the only person who has lost faith in romance? Am I the only person who feels that love is deeper than flirtation and stirrings?

    People are in love with falling in love. No one wants to put work into it anymore. Everyone would rather run on to the next episode of “falling”.

    That is why I can’t trust you, or anyone for that matter.

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