• In love with a devil

    by  • December 27, 2017 • * Safe for Work *, Confession • 0 Comments

    I’m lying to myself .. I didn’t forget him , I didn’t stop loving him , he didn’t leave my thoughts for a wink.. he’s everywhere and all over .. inside and out. he runs in my blood like HIV, once inside never out ,there’s no cure out of it . but now it’s different ..I’ve got used to the feeling and the idea of missing him ,he kinda taught me well how to be tortured ..he showed me the way to hell and I’ve reached it ..but on the way I became fire and hell did only ignite me more .. the pain was so dull i didn’t know I was burning … id be looking for him in all men,but he’s not to be found… that smile of his .. those brown eyes and mysterious look that has always occupied my mind..
    now “me” and “i” are in war .. a savage one .. the “me” still hoping and the “i” is denying.. the “me” prays that he’d be hers the “i” says she deserves better ..but what is better?? you’re everything i want !!you and no one but you would make me whole .. with you I’m happy beyond belief .. my heart races and my smile never faints .. fuck money and gifts I’d give anything to see you ..be next to you .. feel your skin over mine and be covered in your scent .. i miss you but it fills me with shame and inferiority …i wish i wake up tomorrow not thinking of you while opening my eyes i hope I’ll once go to sleep not reminiscing on us or what we could’ve been…but Shame on me for not being able to move on as fast as I’m supposed , to shame on my weak heart and nostalgic spirit that keeps leading me back to you all the time … and Shame on you for being so imperfectly perfect it blinded my heart and stole my sanity.

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