• A letter to the guy that didn’t choose me

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    To Him,

    When we first met I thought things would be casual, a one night stand. And it was. We kept things light and fun. It wasn’t until the third or fourth time that I started to questions things. All of a sudden you started to be hot and cold; One night you’d be all over me and the next you would wave from across the bar and walk away. But when we were together we were electric, comfortable, and happy. The night of your birthday we were dancing, drinking, and hooking up all night. You left to go to the bathroom and a half an hour later I see you leaving with someone else. It was her.. I just didn’t know it yet.

    We hardly talked after that until a few weekends after. Your friend from home was visiting and you introduced us. You said I was the most amazing girl at our school and that I was important to you. We flirted all night, until you asked me to go home with you. I said no. I wanted to be in control for once, I wanted to be the one that walked away, I didn’t want to be used. You said okay and told me you’d talk to me the next day. That never happened. I didn’t know that it was over. I still felt the lingering stares from across the room every time we saw each other. I still heard the joking remarks and looks your team would make at me. You still were flirty when we would bump into each other which just made me all the more confused.

    It was another night out and since we share mutual friends we were together. We were all cracking jokes, a few sly ones were about our relationship, which made me blush. My best friend was talking to you and you decided this was the time. You told her I was beautiful and sweet and one of the kindness people. That if you were to date anyone it would be me. But its not. You said you met this girl and you want to see what happens. But you didn’t want to hurt me. Well my friend told me this on the way to the bar. I had no clue. But then I saw you guys together. My heart broke. You looked at her like a girlfriend, a way you never looked at me. You kissed her right in front of me. From there everything made sense. She was the girl you left me for on your birthday. She’s the reason why some nights you would act like you didn’t know me. She’s the girl you chose. The thing is I don’t know why or when this all happened. I don’t think you know I liked you and wanted more. And I think you were looking for more.

    I stalked the hell out of this girl. Found out you guys were friends since the beginning of the semester. Found out that you guys weren’t just seeing were things went but were actually seriously dating.

    A few weekends later we were all together again. We waved hi like we hardly knew each other. And you introduced her to my friends. Telling her that you had such great memories with them and how much fun they are. Apparently she was giving me looks all night so did you tell her about us? Your best friends said that she’s a bitch and that she slept with more than dozen people within the few months we’ve been here. Honestly that doesn’t sound like someone you’d want to be with.

    So please I ask when we get back either don’t be a flirt or leave her. Because Im done. Im pissed that you didn’t have the balls to tell me yourself. And I’m hurt that you didn’t choose me. So from here on out, Im done stalking this girl. Im done with the idea of you and me. I deserve someone that wants me and doesn’t play these games.


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