• Sorrow

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    Heaven behold. Something inside. About to explode. Hopeless till the end

    I cried myself to sleep last night. Afraid to lose a part of my soul. Afraid to lose the man I love.

    I lamented the heavens with silent prayers. Tears flowing down my cheeks.

    Crying for the love I’ll never have. Crying for the future slipping through my fingers. Crying for hope lost to never coming better days

    I slept fitfully throughout the night. I dreamt 2 huge Angels had descended down. I recognised one of the Angels as the Archangel Michael

    Is it really true?. Are you leaving me behind?

    I cant imagine my life without you in it. A life without my soulmate. I dont know how I am going to get through this

    All I feel like is crying my heart out. Cry for a love that we never gave a chance to live. Cry for a future lost. Cry for our stubborn wills. Cry for hopelessness. Cry for helplessness. Cry for love of you. Cry for our unborn child I wanted to bear. Cry for our painful friendship

    I love you Tony

    I love you deeply and completely

    You were enough for me then. You are enough for me now. You are more than enough for me, for always, for ever

    I love you my brown eyes dimpled cheeks prince

    Yours for always. Now and forever

    Rantings of a woman in love

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