• My Destiny

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    So there I was at barnes and noble. This was a few years back. I had been writing on here even then and wishing that my prince charming would show up. I even wrote that I would be at barnes wishing that whoever I was supposed to be with would show up and sit across from me. Little did I know that you actually would try and make that dream of mine come true.

    I was wearing a blue dress with patterns of black and white in it. I arrived at the little cafe part at the store and headed to a table with my backpack. You were wearing a dark baseball cap and looked so handsome. I tried not to notice that you were staring at me and knew that I was on a mission to study. However, I secretly kept glancing over at you realizing just how handsome you were and tall even though you were sitting.

    You stared hard just like at the state fair and I tried to breath but I couldn’t. I had no clue why you were there then, but I think I do now. I know I wrote a letter of closure, but maybe our story isn’t over yet until we get old and die.

    Why didn’t you say something to me then? I was going to match your gaze finally and looked up and you were gone. I was so disappointed. I didn’t think I would see you again. But I have. I know I’ve asked to date and really that ball should be in your court. I just want to let you know that from the moment we glanced at each other there was something there that I’ve never had with any other man that I’ve met.

    I want to be patient, but I really want to see you again and this time I want to talk with you. If you were to get me something for Christmas that would be it.

    I can’t sleep because of you. You haunt my dreams and I think about you on two occasions…during the day and at night. There is a song about that called Two Occasions.

    You make me feel alive. I hope you know that.

    I did see you with a blonde at the fair so maybe you are dating and that’s why you haven’t appeared again. The way you were staring at me though…anyway..

    I understand if so. But if your circumstances ever change and you felt about me the same way I feel about you don’t hesitate to say hi. I know it’s crazy but I think you are my destiny.


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