• it’s not your fault

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    im sorry for what I did.
    im sorry for what I said and I know that I can never undo the hurt I caused you. it’s been more than three years and I still am so sorry. I don’t have the words to tell you how much I regret everything I did.

    things weren’t perfect. it seemed like you still wanted to pretend they were, but at the very least I knew and so did s. i never should have made fun of you with s, never not once. you were being nice to be and I was a fucking fool not to accept your kindness and sweetness that you used to have, that I hope at least in part has stayed with you, even now.

    I didn’t and I don’t deserve you. You were always were the kindness and friendliest to me. you were my best friend before i met s. i felt so much guilt when i saw you the next day at school. i felt so ashamed that i didn’t say anything and that was the absolute worst thing to do to you.

    if it’s any consolation, things at school, to say the least, aren’t going great. ive made more mistakes that will forever haunt me like this one, but at the very least they mostly affect me. im not causing anyone else, you, pain for my utter stupidity.

    I don’t know how many times ive cried over how i treated you. i didn’t deserve you.

    im sorry. i hope you’re well and i hope I was just a minor roadblock on the path to success i know you will succeed in life no matter what, cause you’re you.

    -that person you used to have sleepovers with and play just dance with and who would always raid your cabinet and eat your twinkie-like food.

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