• “In Your Dreams”

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    A line usually accompanied by an eyeroll…usually spoken by a woman to a man when she views herself as so far out of his league that she is untouchable.

    But that is where I find you. In my dreams.

    You. Me. Our hearts thudding as one. In our chests. Our bodies… Your warmth. You.

    Last night, in my dream, you embraced me from behind. Your warmth encompassed me. I felt so appreciated, so loved and adored and honored. Our bodies swayed to the rythym of the music in the air. So peaceful.

    Then a very specific body part of yours was felt vividly near a certain body part of mine. My sudden catch of breath was eased by your hands slowly sliding up and down my arms, covering me in your warmth. Just at the moment these two body parts aligned, and seemed to snap into place, another walked in. He seemed to be grabbing a forgotten item; however, his eyes asked us what we were thinking. I suddenly realized that no matter how right this felt, it was wrong.
    I pulled away from you, turning and stating that we should stop. You, the ever understanding amazing man you are, accepted that statement and backed away from me. I wish you hadn’t.

    The only place I can be with you is in my dreams.

    Please don’t leave me lonely there too.

    The only thought keeping me going is the belief that you feel this too. Pkease don’t let me check myself into the crazy house if you feel it too. Like everyone else says lately, speak up. Please.

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    1. Noname
      December 22, 2017 at 2:45 pm


    2. D-
      December 22, 2017 at 7:45 pm

      (Wishing you are my person)
      Of course I feel it, I love you.

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