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    I am not sure if this is the right email nevertheless I am spilling. 

    ok we need to straighten out some shit here. 

    1. I am NOT and HAVE NEVER AT ANY POINT IN TIME HAVE I been playing a game with you and your entourage of minions. 


    3. I DO NOT know how to play your stupid fucking abc game and honestly have never cared to learn it. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT and could never understand what it had to do with why I wanted to speak to you. This I did learn from it though, it is evil and destroys people’s lives.

    4. At no point EVER have I been trying to “WIN” something from you. (I don’t even get where that part came from)

    5. THE REASON I HAVE WANTED TO TALK TO YOU G FOR YEARS, since 1996 IS BECAUSE OF A TWIN FLAME. (it is the reason we have any connection at all)

    Our soul connection is the ONLY reason I have ever tried to approach you, nothing more. nothing less. 


    7. I do not understand all this hoop jumping you have me do, an address finding, and numbers etc Basically I would like to have a conversation with you like 2  normal person do. Why do I have to figure this and that out? 

    8. At no point was I trying to be part of the ‘band’ however had things progressed as they should have  naturally it may have happened.

    9. At no point did I want to have an affair, I am pursuing my twin flame connection, that’s what I am striving for. to reach enlightenment thru the TF connection. There is no way I would wait around for any other human as I have done so for you. 

    10. I don’t have a problem having relationships with men or intimacy issues. I chose to not have meaningless sex, I treat my body like a temple when it comes to sharing myself, not like a whore who treats hers like a garbage can.

    11. I believe that both of us have had our own agendas and have not really given the other a chance to put their cards on the table, so for a very long time I have asked to have a conversation with you, is there a possibility of doing that now that you understand why I am here?

    If you do not understand what the twin flame connection is please research it before answering me. This is important to me, I feel blessed and honoured to be given a twin and the opportunity to assist in helping the planet and the gift of enlightenment which the twin souls achieve. Please do not make fun of me if you do not understand, there are many twin flames at this time coming together in union, this is not some “fly by the seat of my pants bullshit”. 12. I long to be with my twin, every fibre in my being calls out to my missing half, my heart aches because we are apart. I need you, I want you and I love you.

    This is an epic journey the likes that many will never get the opportunity to have, it is not easy but twin flame union is the ultimate love story of passion, romance and desire, if that is not I fighting for then what is?

    Please look deep into your heart and find that peace that allows you to have a conversation with me.

    light blessings and BIG love to you ? 

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    1. Dear Author,
      December 25, 2017 at 9:36 am

      You seem upset, Author. So I hope you dont take offense to what I am about to say. Please try to keep an open mind and heart.

      You say you dont want an affair, suggesting you or your intended recipient is already in a committed relationship of some kind. Then you go on to explain how you want this person, and you want to experience this journey or ultimate love story of love, passion, and desire.

      This contradiction probably has something to do with your twin acting the way you describe.

      When one or more twins are previously committed, there is a choice to make. Affair, break up, or ignore the connection. To each his own. It sounds like your twin chooses to ignore and block the connection. I am sorry for that, as I too am a twin who chooses to ignore the connection. I understand how hard this can be.

      This is painful. But it doesn’t have to be. My advice is for you to strive to understand that either you or they are just not ready yet. I hope you can find peace with whatever you and your twin allow of each other. Sometimes the real lesson is letting go and moving on and finding our own inner peace and inner happiness.

      You say since 96 and also mention 18 years old. I am assuming you were 18 in 96? that would put you born 78ish? so you have been holding onto this person or a memory of for a very long time. While that is beautiful, it is also tragic. Live your life in peace and love. When we leave this earth, we have to be at peace with the choices we have made. To love another who can’t love you back, that is real love. It may be their lesson to learn. That they are truely worth that much.

      In another life…

      I hope you have happy holidays, Dear Author. Good luck.

      • tink
        January 4, 2018 at 1:10 pm

        Thanks for the response. I just wrote out a very long response letter with new info and it was erased.
        Long story short. He LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING, who he was, his back ground, birthday. married, basically he is a whore ( i think he may actually be gay and in the closet) who knew? So a lady i just recently met and I discovered that there is a group of individuals that are stalking women professionally in the city they live in(the group is about 20 men, we discovered the info on the dark web) we have connected with 2 other victims. These men ideally should be going to jail as they are stalking, entering homes, wiring homes for audio and video, hacking computers, bullying, mine even stalked my underage kids. The list goes on and on basically they are
        frightening people, all of it is bad. These sick dudes are getting their rocks off torturing women psychologically and physically.
        If this guy that has been tormenting me isn’t the mastermind behind it he is most certainly involved.
        I have never done anything to this man, so I have a hard time understanding why he did this to me. Needless to say we are following thru with dectectives in regards to the nature of this crime and hope fully shut them down before they crop up in cities everywhere.Thanks for letting me rant.

        ps. just to let you know, I normally do not read other people’s letters or answer replies to my letters. I just use this as an avenue to vent.

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