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    We tried tonight. How have we not hashed this out before rings? Before vows? In a Christian Church? I guess you just assumed my beliefs? As you are very vocal about yours? You never thought a “Coexhist” sticker may be labeled on your back windshield?

    Even if you are accepting, you felt the need to attack me and yell at me that I am force feeding my beliefs down your throat just by me explaining myself and trying to make you understand me. I am sorry that I feel like an outcast who desires to be accepted by her own husband.

    And I am sorry that I don’t see a happy home life that doesn’t accept or agree with each other’s spiritual beliefs. How can our children grow up in a house divided by its beliefs? What traditions will they have to hold onto? to remember?

    Just remember (if you are here) what ai want played at my funeral. “Hands” by Jewel.

    I don’t know if I have 2 years, 2 months or 2 days. But I do know that I understand the universe more everyday. I will never know all of the answers, but I no longer feel bad for my pain. And I don’t feel bad for my beliefs, even if I am alone.

    I know that “my God” feels right. And I am okay with that.

    I respect your beliefs.
    I wish you could open your heart to mine.

    I love you.


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