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    I’ve stated before that I had stumbled upon this site by chance. I too needed a place to vent and let things out. This site just happened to pop up in my search. The title was exactly what I was looking for. I had no reason to believe you wrote on the site. I had never known you to be w writer. You never let me in on that side of you. Now that I know you feel I am intruding on your privacy I will just stop writing here. I’m done begging for a friendship with you. If you wanted to be friends with me you would have called or texted me. You cut ties for a reason and I just have to accept that. Do I still want to be friends? That’s a question that’s a bit difficult to answer, but I can try. Yes I would, but only if you trusted me. It seems you just can’t trust me though. I’ve called and texted you several times and have been rejected every time. A person can only take so much rejection. I just can’t handle the rejection anymore. I’m sorry for intruding on your privacy of your inner most thoughts. I thought you were ok with it and you wanted me here. The letter you wrote clearly makes it seem like it’s a punishment for you that I am here and read your thoughts and bare mine. If you ever do want to reconcile my number hasn’t changed. This site just makes me feel ignored and like I’m intruding on you and your new love.

    I am so sorry for the intrusion. I never meant to step on your privacy. It was just a public anonymous site I thought I could use to vent. It’s just time for me to accept things for what they are. I’m always here for you and my number is the same. It’s time I let you have your site back. I do wish you and your new person the best. I mean that with all that’s in me.

    I love you V. If you need me you will reach out. I’m not holding my breath though. I do still consider us friends even if you don’t believe it.

    Best wishes

    Love B.

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    1. author
      December 27, 2017 at 5:23 pm

      I am the author of the letter you are responding to. But you can’t be my person. Unless B isnt your initial.

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