• It’s time to let you go

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    It’s about time to stop the pain. The moment has come to finally put an end to this bitterness and hopeful heart. There can never be a happy ending for us. It was a risk to open my heart. I am never sorry for letting you in.

    We dreamed of happy endings. It would be just you and me and our little Belle. I’ve held on to that and stayed true but sometimes life is just unkind to give us the truth in every little lie.

    I must have missed you because today I opened the letter you sent me 6 years. It says forever and always but forever was too short to pay the debt.

    I still wish sometimes I never left. I wish I forgot about your lies and believed that love is true.

    Your ability to turn my world upside down still works like magic. I still miss you time and time again. I still love you even when his kiss wakes me up in the morning. I still want you.

    But today, I woke up knowing that the sun will set early. I woke up not feeling like wiping the tears. I must have cried in my sleep or maybe cried when dreams were over.

    Today, I saw a reason for me to unlove the biggest part of me, you. I have decided to put an end to what can never be. I love you.

    I wish it was our child your’re holding tonight but when I saw you smile at the little one, I know it’s just right. It’s just time to finally let you go.

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