• Indifference

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    I love you. Quite likely I always will.

    I fell in love with you because of your warmth. The passion with which you loved me was exhilarating. I loved you because you made me smile when my world was chaos and suffering. I loved you because you saved my life, and you were there when I was utterly alone.

    Where did that guy go?

    You’ve become indifferent to your own life. You won’t do anything to make yourself happy. You won’t help me. I need you to get up. But instead you lay down and do nothing. I resent you now. I love you, I love the good times we have when we do have them, but it’s not enough any more. There is no substance to our relationship anymore because you won’t do anything.

    I love you enough to make sure you have a good Yule season. Come January if you still have done nothing I will go on. My son deserves a better example from his mother. I’ll always love you, but I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live for myself and you.

    Get up or I will move on.


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