• I thought

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    I thought that everything was fine with us. I thought that we were happy, or at least satisfied together. You were the one who made me question it. Remeber?

    A friend posted something on fb and I commented that I love you like that. When you saw it, you asked what I meant. When I answered your question, you simply stated that you and I were nothing like that. Your words struck me like a thousand shards of glass blowing up inside my heart.

    Until that moment in time, I had always felt that everyone around us should envy what we had, and everyone would be lucky to experience the love we shared with each other. I thought that we were perfect. But you made me question it.

    Sure, we had our flaws. We faught, but who doesn’t? We had our issues, but the forgiveness and compassion present in our love made it all better. No relationship is perfect, but it seemed we worked together to work through things.

    Since then, it’s been turmoil and chaos. Now the struggles seem to hide the good times. Yelling and screaming stressed out adults make terrible parents. Society’s standards create this image that we must be perfect robots to accomplish, and. the work we do to keep up with these standards kills us, kills our love, our happiness, our fire, our soul. How could we ever be happy together like this?

    It isn’t fair. We were once so happy. But you made me realize that we can’t ever be again. Not like this at least. So tell me, what are we to do?

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