• I hope you see this

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    Dear Sir, (Sarcastically Stated)

    I still have all of it.
    The clothing from that night.
    The recording.
    All of it.

    I don’t know what caused my weakness when I called you.
    But, I’m thankful for it now.
    Because within the 5 minutes I gave to you, that you didn’t deserve to begin with, you showed me that you are still the same immature and arrogant narcissist that you always were.
    Someone that professes their “love” via text repeatedly but doesn’t know how to have an actual conversation is usually a sign you are communicating with a high school kid that doesn’t know how to take ownership for their feelings or how to express them, but I have had a relationship with someone much younger that was not only better than you in communication, stability, in bed, AND actually knew what commitment was and meant, but also just in general a better person than you.
    It was never your age. It’s your insecurity and your inflated sense of how attractive, smart and what “a catch” you think you are.
    I will never return your call. The few minutes on the phone with you, made me turn to missing you, to repulsed by you.
    Stay away from me. I hope you rot in hell for the ways you hurt me, and other women in your life.
    I am moving on.
    I don’t love you. I don’t hate you.
    I feel indifference toward you. You are now that insignificant.
    Stop spreading pain, disease, and women’s legs and start praying and find God.

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