• Dissapointment in Basketball

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    As a former athlete, I know too well the physical cost involved in playing a sport. Basketball was something that was an outlet for me, something that I enjoyed to the fullest. Now, I regret putting in that hard work, with nothing to really be proud of other than a bunch of club medals, and a high school career that landing me nowhere. Since I was six years, I played basketball with every intent to be the best I could be, from shooting outside pretty much everyday and working on my ball handling with my Dad helping. He took me to camps, high school, college and showcase camps, anything to perfect my game and get exposure as I grew older. The downfall of my career was the senior year, which would become my last varsity game in high school, I broke my hand going for loose ball, unknowingly I made a shot with it broke, but the last shot I took for my career in high school. It was a setback, leaving me to wait and heal, go through rehabilitation of my hand for a month, and then finally start shooting a ball. I tried out for small colleges, places I never thought I would end up. No one had recruited me for sports, I was always overlooked to other players, because I had never got the shot to really stand out in club or in high school. That last semester of senior year, was depressing and I skipped school a lot trying to hide the fact that no college coach wanted me to come to their school and play. In fact, I had to go to three different schools, back to back to back nights with limited rest and not one hundred percent healed hand, but I needed to find a school that was best fit for me financially and getting an opportunity to play. Anyways, I get a partial scholarship to a juco two hours away from where I lived, and I give a big thanks to my cousin who put in a good word for me, to the head coach. However, my parents and I were basically told a lie, the head coach just needed one more local state athlete to fill the roster for eligibility, basically a practice player, and barely gor time to practice without being subbed out. The whole situation came to a midseason quit from the team and the head coach, told me the day in his office I quit, saying to my face that the day I tried out with the other players, he said he saw nothing good in my game, even though I played just as hard, not being in full shape and not a hundred percent healed from a broken hand. The team was selfish, coach had no interest in telling me good job, not once in any practice, I even went on a seven hour trip to a preseason juco invitational, and one time for 2 minutes did I play, it was with the subs who hadn’t played at all on the other team as well, no one passed me the ball, and the time I played in the one regular season game, I scored five points in a little more than a minute left in a blowout win. Throughout the time I was on the team, they struggled for wins as much talent that was on the team and the coach never gave me more than a sideways glance. Quitting felt like taking so much weight off my shoulders and for the first time I felt happy with myself. Getting those grades at the smalltown juco also let me know as one of the few players on the team that honestly cared about being a student athlete. God and my family supported me, hoping to see me out there with the college players playing my best. But I sat and waited and that chance never came, the coach didn’t trust me enough, but he needed me to fill out his roster and also because I wouldn’t be trouble for him outside of the gym. This experience is still hard to put up with, even though it has been over a year, I regret not having a better plan, if I wasn’t recruited to a college team, but I am still pursuing for a degree at a bigger school, back in my hometown and that opportunity to shine in college will come in a different way, not on the court but in the classroom, where it matters most. It isn’t the same not going to practice, working on my game and competing with teammate, and the biggest reason for wanting a scholarship, is to pay for college tuition, but I am doing it differently with some of my savings, my parents chipping in, and hopefully a academic scholarship for my communications major. With time this wound of not playing the sport I put my all into, day in and day out for 13 years, will heal and it won’t keep me in regret and dissapointment, with time and prayer.

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