• Eros & Minerva

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    Much has been passed down of the gods of old. Tales of conquest, betrayal, and love. But there are many more which have been lost to the winds of time. One such story, ring so true to me that I would like to share it with you. If you close your eyes, maybe you can see it. If you still your mind, maybe you can feel it too.

    Youthful Eros, god of love and sexual desire, knew as well as anyone the unsurpassed beauty of the physical coupling of man and woman. Yet, he was without joy. For it was both his gift and his curse that his arrows could deliver passion to anyone, anyone but himself. So many years were spent bringing others to happiness. In all that time, he had neglected his own, overwhelming needs.

    Beautiful Minerva, virgin goddess of wisdom and strategic warfare, had lived her whole life fighting. Betrayed by her father when she was young, she had never loved another man. Her virginity was so widely known by the people, that she was thought by some to be unable to experience love and lust. But deep down, she knew what lie beneath, the heat that simmered within. Though not a man had swayed her thus, she thought about the man she could love, someday, and what it would be like when she first spread her legs for him.

    One day, at a tavern frequented by the gods, Eros first laid eyes upon Minerva. He silently observed her throughout the night, as she rebuffed one suitor after another. Curious, he began to talk to her. Instantly, he was smitten. She was, indeed, the most beautiful goddess he had ever seen. But not just her body, although it aroused him greatly. When she smiled, and when she laughed, her inner beauty showed too, and took his breath away every time.

    Over time, they grew closer together. Indeed, they even fell in love. But that love was never consummated. Both were completely inexperienced when it came to the feelings they shared. Eventually, they parted ways because it was too painful to be together a little, but not completely. For thousands of years they stayed at a distance, inwardly longing for the other.

    Eventually, the pull became too great for either to resist. Slowly, they moved towards each other. One step taken at a time. Finally, they stood next to each other. He looked at his great love with painful longing; she returned his gaze with silent recognition. Neither knew how to proceed. Then she remembered the times they had once shared, and she smiled. All at once, he felt every feeling he had ever felt towards her rushing together at once. And he was, again, overcome. His gaze shifted, from one of pain to one of victory. He embraced her, holding her tight to his chest. Surely, this was everything he ever wanted.

    Well, not everything.

    Eros took his beloved’s hand and brought her through his temple into his bedchamber. No words were exchanged; none were needed. He slowly removed her clothes, looking into her eyes the whole time. She then removed his. Now, she took his hand and led him to his bed. She lay down and he moved close to her. For a moment, he just looked at her. He studied her face, the color of her eyes, the shape of her nose, the contour of her lips. He took in every detail, committing everything to memory, the face of the most beautiful woman who ever lived. His gaze descended slowly down her neck. For the first time, he saw her breasts, nipples firm already. His eyes moved down her tummy, and then, then he saw it. The pussy he had wanted for so long. He looked back at her eyes and saw her silent acknowledgment that she was indeed his for the taking. He saw too the trepidation in her eyes, and perceived the slight tremble in her body. He remembered, again, that this was her first time. He then remembered all the common men and even greater gods who she had turned down. It was he that his goddess chose to be with her in such an intimate setting, such a vulnerable state. He slowly leaned in to kiss her. Their lips met. And the world turned upside down. All of her hidden passions could now be freed. And he immediately realized that he desired nothing more than to please her. As sweet as her mouth and her tongue tasted, they could not keep his. He needed to taste her everywhere. The sensations overwhelmed him, and his mind was reduced to one singular purpose: to make love to her completely. He kissed her neck all the way down to her collarbones, which he lightly traced with his fingers to her shoulders. His focus shifted to her breasts, taking one in his mouth before the other, licking and sucking her nipples. She closed her eyes and moaned softly while he moved back to alter his approach to north from south. Her thighs were the gateway to what he desired most, and now that they were open he embraced them wildly with his mouth. He feasted on them, a cacophony of licking and sucking and biting. Then he paused for a brief moment. He thought, this woman, this literal goddess must be loved better than all others. He slipped his tongue insider her and licked her slowly up to her clit. Her taste drove him crazy. He thought to himself, “we are both immortals, but I know I will never grow tired of eating your pretty pussy.” He continued for some time, never fully pouring himself into any endeavor like the task at hand. Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore, grabbed him by the hair and whimpered “Please, please fuck me.” He obligingly raised himself to her, and looked into her eyes again. This moment, which they had both waited for was finally here. He grabbed her arms, put held them above her head, and eased himself inside her. She felt every inch of him. Naturally, she pressed herself into him, inviting him in deeper. He kissed her, and their tongues danced together while he continued his slow, deep thrusts. He released her hands and gripped her waist, pulling himself into her at a quickening pace. Her nails dug into his back as she writhed from his throbbing penetrations. She lifted his head so that their eyes met, and her message was clear. Their bodies intertwined, their spirits enmeshed, they came together, and it was glorious.

    When he recovered his breath, he told her he loved her, and called her Augusta Minerva. And she has been known as such ever since.

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