• All is fair in love and war

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    Where to start… The histories I guess. This letter is because the writing styles of some of the petty dramas (Develope some depth of character people) reminds me of some people I know and may even be them.

    This isn’t the forum for healthy communication, ambiguous,
    anonymous, artistic, expression maybe. There is a reason churches do confessions in private, using something like this as a board for hope stores a memory where it will never be remembered. Perhaps a few of these posts are about me, I am no saint but sometimes I get treated with far more regard than is healthy for my ego. Maybe just having the potential for that is enough.

    Things happen between people. Unbreakable connections are rare and form. I have definitely tried to break one that is supernatural in nature (even a skeptic has a hard time explaining some things. There comes a time to concede defeat).

    Maybe I have gone crazy after what I have seen or maybe some things are simply meant to be and fighting it is harmful to the cause.

    Some people like to play games and use others, parasites and vultures are abundant. One in praticular has latched on and I tried to save myself so I wouldn’t get caught in the crossfire. If you don’t see fit to get out thats your call kinda rational but now I see that was a huge mistake. Throwing the baby out with the bath water. The parasites use this site (plus facebook and google et cetera, nothing is sacred to one willing to damn themselves to a life of hell) and a little extra tools to try and manipulate you. (Hows that going for ya by the way, seems to be causing a hydra of problems and even more pain . You are the furthest thing from Heracles)

    This is what you could call a PSA, on the off chance those who are/were(sorry been a tad busy with bigger fish) under my wing may be stranded in this here dessert. Get off of this, at least for a time, get off any anonymous place you use to hide from yourself. Go to the real world to soundboard your problems. Talk to your people and form bonds over shared hardship. Send out a few real letters, send some to random places and get a pen pal going. Anonymity is for security and securing yourself against your emotions and friends is going to put you in a world of suffering which you damned well know is true.

    Look, I get it, sometimes you have a hard time saying what needs to be said, sometimes you want to hide and avoid your problems but that doesn’t make them go away. It in fact makes them far worse. It is easy to see others with similar problems and let the monkey see monkey do instincts kick in but kick yourselves into gear. The dramas belong on the stage. Take things a little more serious.

    Some of you use this in a very beautiful artistic way, others use it as a crutch to send out desperate pleas to the ether.

    If you know me you know this is me by now. If you have sent out a plea to this place hit me up we need to talk. I’m new and through.

    And to the life sappers not just living life buyer beware there are some lethal mechanisms out there you don’t want to trigger. I grow weary of pretending playing nice is something I can do. I can hold back the wolves only so much and am begining to question the wisdom in that.

    Imma deny this was me so be real.

    Keep your heads above the water kids this is only one of many battles you’ll be faced with in the struggle for life.

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    1. Always Real
      December 11, 2017 at 10:41 am

      @author if your OP sent out a plea and you think it’s them and YOU know in fact you hurt them. It would be the right thing to do and reach out to them.

      Thanks for the encouragement for us all. I did send my OP a text and no response. They know what they did, they are embarrassed and ashamed and scared to come forward.

      best of luck to you.

    2. Britney
      December 11, 2017 at 8:10 pm

      This made me laugh a little. However I do agree about seeing and talking to people in real life. But I will remind you that this is a place to get your thoughts and feelings out and some people use it correctly. I’m not a very shy person so if and when I see certain people I’m pretty sure anything I need to say will be said. Again I do enjoy helping people and many here enjoy a positive response or uplifting thought in response so I can see both sides.

      There will always be trolls. Just like there will always be somebody feeding them. It’s just part of the internet. If you are mentally strong this site will not faze you.

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