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    Been a while since I was honest about this. I try to catch it everytime it sneaks up and box it away. I know things can be hard sometimes. I try and do what I can for you but you keep shutting me out and it is growing. If I don’t acknowledge this to you I am liable to lose control and let it take over again. You remember those days. Now you are much older and wiser so one slip up you will befully likely to succeed. You only gave up the attempts after so many failures. A big part of me wants to die. It is boiling over and needs to be dealt with. You need to stare it in the face again and quit running. You need to tame the dragons and use their power no matter how much the power scares you.

    Another trip to the other side has been long put off but too much has been conquered by deamons. A darkness is spreading into this land now. It is hard to face them I know. They peal off and corrupt deep but it is only because they need some fuel. They are your guardians for the most dismal days You have legion at your command to be awoken. The deamons need their emperor to restore order and to be lead away from the sanctuary. You are going to have to leave the sanctuary back to the cold dark, you remember the still peace on the throne surrounded by ultimately loyal servants? If you do not return to your rightful place you will surely leave this world never able to return or worse the deamons will dtart looking for you in this world, never able to bring light back for the sanctuary. There is a beauty in the shroud of cold darkness. A deep peace to be found within that spreads light to all places outside it. It will ground you again, steel you for the big fight to come. Accept the burden as you are meant to. Let it fully embrace. It will cleanse you and give the demons their needed feed so they will not be tempted to stray into paradise.

    Stay till you forget light, till you forget warmth, till you forget faith, love, and life itself.

    The most dangerous evil was left in Pandora’s box which you placed there, do you even remember? When all the evils were let out it was left behind. Of course it is hope, peak at it if you must, let it free and hunt it down to be returned if you must play that modt dangerous of games.

    This letter is usually dictated to a priestess so maybe one here will take it and remind me once the purge is complete that it may provide a map to explore to find the purged treasures and their glory anew. To every corner they should be hidden so the journey can last long enough and be slow enough to truely wonder at each treasure as it is found.

    Go now and serve your duty. Check in with the High priestess for the trails of the demons. If you must come back to bring allies from this world remember they can be completely lost so be not tempted to do so lightly.

    There is a time for light and a time for dark. The time for your dark is long overdue.

    Take care and be well old friend. The time of the trials is now.
    ~ me

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      December 7, 2017 at 2:02 am

      Brilliant metaphoric expression!

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