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    Hand reaches under me and around my waist. You pull me to you. Your legs spread open and you say ” I want to feel you up against me.” We instantly feel the chemistry start to flow. My body starts to shake. I hope you don’t notice. Excuse the nerves it’s been awhile. If you knew how long I’ve longed to be in your arms I would be embarrassed. I feel you working the button on my pants as I lift your dress to your waist. I feel your nails dig into my skin as you grab my ass. Sorry if my eyes close for a moment, but these feelings are getting intense. My body aches with each thrust up against you. Do you mind if I kiss your breast? I want to taste your skin and feel you in my mouth. I want to release some energy and I find that a good place to release. I want you to slip inside me, When you do I can feel it deep into my core.

    To be contunued

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