• You Ruined Me

    by  • December 5, 2017 • Abuse • 0 Comments

    You changed the path of my life. You did what made you feel good but did give a fuck about me. You were my family the ones who should protect and love me. But instead you abused me for your pleasure. You changed the path of my life. You made me not believe in love and happily ever after. You made me put up barriers. I have lived my life wanting to hurt people before they could hurt me. You have distorted the reason of making love. In my eyes its sex no emotion just sex. Fuck them before they can fuck you. You have ruined my chances of happiness because i dint believe in it. Fuck you you scumbags. If i didnt care about my parents i would call your sorry asses out. Dont get too comfortable i still may you fucking low life Williamstown douchebags!!!

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