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    Night is cool and crisp. We are laying beside one another. The sky so clear you can see every star in the sky. We are talking about nothing, but everything at the same time. I turn my head to look at you. Both of us smiling because of the wit war we just had wit words. I’d have to say your pretty witty. As I look at you I think to myself what a beautiful creature. The way your hair is against the earth. Your lips glissaling from moon light. Your eyes sparkle with a glazed look. As im looking at you your head turns to look at me. Our eyes meet. We stare for a moment. Chemistries brew chases the smiles away. Your face takes on the look of a nervous person about to give a speech to an auditorium of people. I know your feeling my energy as I’m feeling yours. Both of us hesitant. Our walls built high. For some reason we just don’t look away. Like our eyes are magnet. Our flesh getting flush with heat. I take my hand and cradle your face. I speak aloud and say “everything’s going to be ok.” You return with a shy timid smile. I ask you what perfume your wearing. I ask if I can smell your neck. You nod and raise your chin. I lean in and take you in deeply. I can hear your little moan. I take my lips and kiss your sexy neck. You now have a handful of my hair. I try to ease up, but you whisper in my ear ” don’t stop.” I take that neck with my mouth, now with no restraint. My kissing gets harder and so does your grip. I don’t think you notice the moans coming from your core. My body aching to make love to you. I lean my lead back to gaze into those windows. OMG your so gorgeous! I lean back in , but not for the neck this time. Our mouths meet and you taste ohhhhh good. I scoot my body closer to yours. Your free hand runs my back length, up and down it. Our kiss getting deeper.

    To be contInued

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