• Santa Needs Help

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    I live with Santa..no its true..My partner of five years dresses up as Santa during the holiday season and plays and looks the part. Sweet..but its not. We live in ….The glam city in the desert and life here is different but not many people know the struggle we have been through for years. See Santa had a family and a good job years ago..then he got laid off.. he sent his family back to his home country and stayed in the hopes of getting another job. But that did not happen. He got into debt with his landlord and the bank..he got a civil case from both as he could not pay his debts and was thrown in jail for seven months and his passport confiscated. When he came out he only had the couple that worked for him and his family stay true to him and offered him a place to stay. He still has not been able to pay his debts to both his former landlord and the bank as he cannot legally get work without his passport which is still held by the courts. So that makes him illegal because he does not have a valid visa.An agency that collects outstanding loans from banks got in touch with him and have been collecting money from us every month. We don,t have much but we have all the hope that one day he will be able to live life as any other person. It kills me every Christmas when he puts on that suit to go make other kids happy when he has not seen his own for 10 years due to past mistakes that have been learned over and over. This whole experience and meeting him taught me so much about second chances. We met when we had nothing to offer each other but we have been each others rock and all I want for Christmas is for Santa to finally have his life back 🙁

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