• I believe

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    A short time after “it” happened, I think I heard you praying, or talking to somebody. I heard you say ‘she turned her back on me’ and this is true. The reason I did this is because I was astounded “it” happened, I spun around and asked God and he said “Listen, he is talking to you” and I was like “ so maybe I should listen” and I did, I heard every word you said. I didn’t say a word, I didn’t have to… you understood my dilemma. Thanks for that, no matter where life leads us, I will always love you from the heart, you know this, you felt it too. I believe in you and I believe in my Almighty God and His power to move mountains and part the Red Sea. God told me that Love is all there is, we are nothing without Love and for that reason I will not deny this love we feel for each other, my heart is wide open… and once I realized how to not let fear control me, I have found this feeling fills me with joy. Much love, light and peace to you.

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