• Paris

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    although you weren’t feeling good
    although you were so super busy

    Paris and the dream..

    I know you thought of me

    I thought of coming to Paris
    just because
    what coincidence
    I had taken a day to make it a long weekend
    (no, I didn’t know)


    I am too good to be where I’d be unwanted

    I drove as far away from it
    as my time allowed me to
    I sat on the highest mountain
    basking in the sun
    breathing deep
    feeling free

    sooo free

    and never more in chains


    I thought of you
    wishing you’d just be free with me

    lol, tackle that one if you like

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    1. Britney
      December 13, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      okay I will make an attempt…..

      I am gonna say that this “dream” is more in code than intended. I am gonna say that “Paris” is code for Love. Maybe you thought about being in love with the person but your doubts crept in and carried you further away from them and your goal. So you went to a comforting place where you could center yourself and your thoughts. A place where you could feel “free” and yet you were far from free because that love and that person was locked in your mind making you feel completely chained down. Furthermore making you wish that your person loved you and would be with you.

      Then you woke up and realized it was a dream said “shit” and tried to go back to bed to see how the real ending happened.

      okay how did I do? Was I close?

      I am sometimes an okay tackler

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