• I faced it all and stood tall

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    Song 9: An inorganic but true rhythm to I can’t stop loving you

    A doctor and I laughed
    There were eons that were years
    Of balking at nerves for never
    Tiptoeing to truth
    No proclamation declared
    Until eyes glossed over…
    We summarize on how madness
    Is the greatest anti-dote
    To cowardice.
    He smiled and we laughed
    At tom foolery with makeshift eyes.
    I smiled because my heart
    While discombobulated
    Even then felt compelled
    To tell the truth.
    “At least the cat’s out of the bag now!”

    Song 8: I could have danced all night.
    There is silent joy in sleeping
    And being weary eyed.
    Last night ball busting jokes
    Became a campground for the jubilee
    Hesitation in writing
    Because of incurable afflictions
    And yet tomorrow’s breeze
    Always gives shelter
    I have found my peace
    In blatant smiles
    And hopeful dreams.
    Kisses were dispersed by
    Friends and family
    With a booming cackle
    I smile through the cold
    Despite it causing ripples
    Of goosebumps on my skin,
    It won’t seep through my heart.

    Song 7: Something Stupid

    I am not sure if I am reading things wrong,
    As if the ink smudged
    As if my heart cannot tremble more from that.
    Its sobering, relaxing,refreshing
    to sleep and love and jive.
    But sometimes it makes me shake
    to know
    I’ll keep on wondering.
    At least it’s a natural high.

    Song 6: A side, I have got a crush on you.

    Reading time less than 1 minute.
    Who knows what I am to him
    Just a passerby or a flush of cheeks?
    A simple serenade, a flustering blister?
    While I always want to kiss him,
    At least the songs havd died down
    Enough for me to smile
    And partake in honest
    Just as they used to.
    My golly, who knows what I really
    Mean to him.
    At least we both smiled today,
    At least I enjoyed laughing
    At the movie.

    Song 5: The Continental Revised

    See the sun shine?
    And awkward dancing
    Flood the rooms?
    Booming voices salting
    Happiness without a Holiday around
    To celebrate.
    Hear the choir of ongoing
    Funk tap dancers
    Sing “wake up, ain’t it nice
    To boogie it out?”
    Thinking of his face.
    Of theirs
    And hers.
    We danced through darkness
    As if it were nothing
    And relished in the jive
    Until it all slipped away.

    Song 4: Let Me Try Again

    When it comes to love,
    Call this irresponsible or involuntarily flawed.
    The birds chitter sonnets
    Written from once delicate manic hands,
    Writing in frenzy, every line of every breath.

    However, in momentary bliss turning old aged,

    There is nothing more releasing
    And lovely
    Than hands weary and a head destined
    To not write every line
    As if only seeing the experience and never actually living it.

    And yet eyes, with less tension
    In the muscles and more grip
    On the handle of the pencil,
    The author knows today will be a better way to love,

    With more expression, more pause, more mystery.

    Song 3: Three Coins in the Fountain
    Reading time less than 1 minute.
    Longing for quiet times,
    To become a staple
    Instead of noise fostering
    Lucid daydreams.

    Yearning for
    Strong arms
    Instead of space
    Between the comfort.

    Burning for the melting
    Of two souls despite
    The freeze of earth
    Between day and night.

    Struggling to not stammer
    In between the sheets
    And pockets of disbelief
    Hoping to read…

    New lines on faces with
    Love circumventing veins.
    Longing for quiet thoughts,
    With wishful pennies, changing

    The ripple of time.

    Song 2: A More Romantic Come Rain or Come Shine.

    Every rainbow held rain
    Every light sped to earth
    To create sunshine.
    Every cloud cleansed
    Its body of drippings
    Every candle lit once burned
    And when the skies clear
    Or when the rain keeps
    Puddles full of mud
    For jovial children
    To slosh through in delight,
    I am gonna always
    Love me
    Come rain or come shine.

    Song 1: Don’t Fly Me To The Moon.

    As another’s dream involuntarily

    Imploded and earth became
    A planet blending terrestrial colors,
    The desire for boring cups of coffee
    With mindblowing conversations,
    tangible and real
    Held as a strong craving.

    What is wanted is to be held
    A hankering for wet tears to dry.
    Certainly the blessing was
    Seeing how sobering, uneasy, rich and
    Life can be.

    Falling back to gravity,
    The dreams dissolved but not
    The yearning and will to laugh
    And not waste the day.

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