• Anger overridden by disgust

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    In what world is it okay to treat a person that wrongly served 20 years in jail in such a way without feeling the least bit sorry for all they have been forced to experience and continue to go through? I am just a bit confused on where your heart actually is. How is it okay to lock away a man for so long and take 20 years of his life away from him like it was no big thing. Has it ever occurred to you that this man is probably lost in life a bit? Did it ever hit you to consider that even after being released into the world after all that time that his life will never be the same. Imagine having to start over and not having the assistance needed to fully function in life. Imagine having to learn how to find a job with that cloud hanging over you. Imagine not even knowing how to work a phone. Think of all the changes that occurred over the last 26 years and how much of a change this man has been forced to make because he got fucked by the system. I get that you were doing your job. He had no headlight. He had no insurance. He had no license. I agree you have to follow rules. But my God you sir are a fucking asshole. Help him. Direct him. Show him that the world is not sitting on the fence waiting to fuck you over. Have a fucking heart.

    Dear Jessie Misskelley,
    I am sooooo sorry. You didn’t deserve anything that has been thrown at you. You are strong and you will be okay. Please don’t judge everybody in life because of your hardships. I wished there was something I could do that would help you. If I could wrap you in a bubble to protect you I would.

    Britney…the girl 1 state away from you

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