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    I am emotional with love
    I am stubborn in love
    Stubborn in my love for you
    I caught feelings years ago when I was young
    Feelings that I never knew would grow so much in me
    I am afraid of losing you, losing you as a friend
    I am afraid of losing you, losing you as the man I love even though I have never had you
    If you should by some divine providence find out my feelings for you
    Please dont walk away from me
    Dont make things awkward
    If then you dont love me as I do you
    Love me still as a friend but dont pity me
    For your pity will only hurt me more
    Just understand
    Understand and have compassion for me as a woman who loves you
    Take me as I am
    Take me just as a woman in love with you
    A woman who loves and values you in her life
    A woman whose heart belongs to you without you even knowing
    I am afraid of hoping that you love me too
    But you would have done something
    You would have said something
    So here I am tortured every minute and everyday of my life by love
    Dont make me loving you a painful experience
    I am already in too much of pain not having you in my life as the man I love
    I am trying to come to terms with how much I feel for you
    I am ……
    Unfortunately I am fighting a losing battle
    It wasnt my intention to fall in love
    It just happened
    I have always loved you
    I love you

    I love you my head clean shaven, brown eyes, scar on chin under lip on left handside, dimpled cheeks man.

    My Tony????

    Rantings of a woman in love

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