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    Its past my knock off time and I am still at work waiting for guests
    As I contemplate the Springboks as they graze on the grass
    Looking at their beauty
    Contemplating the feeding of the birds during this time as they ride the wind to catch insects
    Contemplating the beauty of the Lake and the trees and the sky
    I cannot help but always feel in awe of the beauty that surrounds me daily
    I dont envy them
    For I know all too well
    The hardships that come with living in nature
    I dont envy anyone their lives
    For I have mine to live
    I know all too well the hardships of life both known and unknown
    We are not built the same
    We are not meant to live the same lives
    We are meant to live the best lives that we can
    Lives full of love
    Lives full of hope
    Lives full of many things
    Even in my contemplations I think of you
    Of how near and yet far you are to me
    Knowing that you are on the other side fills me with a bit of peace
    Looking forward to catching glimpses of you as you work or study in your office
    Oblivious to my love
    Maybe as I contemplate more will I find the answers that I seek
    Maybe then will my contemplations lead me to the truth
    Lead me to peace
    I am battling to get my thoughts and words in order
    All just seems jumbled at this point
    And I think maybe, maybe I should just quieten my mind

    Rantings of a woman in love

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