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    Once upon a time there was a little girl that’s hilarious story starts off… But in this case there was a little girl and she grew up. She lost all her friends and her family, but she remembers all the joy that they brought her. She never wished for them to go away and she never took them for granted. But for some strange reason they all did go away and she found herself alone. Which is okay, somewhat she’s always been a loner. She just never knew she would lose all the people she loved. Some people might find this threatening and of course I also find it threatening. But new life and New Beginnings. It is scary and it is weird I was once told Life Goes On… I was also told there is nothing after this life.! That is something I do not believe there is always something after this life there’s something during this life. Yes life does go on but it’s your life that matters most.


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