• maybe, truly, i’m not sure.

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    I think I was born while it rained, but i think everyone feels a little more raw. a little more real and closer to god. To mother. Maybe one day I should ask my mother about the weather on that day. I used to want to be a lawyer, i got a little older, hands stayed the same size and i realized that i can barely fit my own problems into my palms. I cant use my fist to fight other peoples problems if i can barely hit my own. Sometime though, when law and order comes on, my eyes tear up. I never really do much. My room has small Christmas lights along the tops of the ceiling. when i watch endless episodes of Seinfield i realize i’ve created a timeless vault of space, a place for the stars to hang out, to twinkle in the corners. I dont really have a real name, everyone mostly calls me beautiful. That’s okay. You know, i fell in love, well not in love it was something though. Im not sure really maybe it was something that could have been. I met him a few weeks ago, a month ago maybe. he’s amazing really. hes a mess really. hes unsure, about everything, we walk past each other now. the universe, he says wants him to get hisself together until i can get what i deserve. It’s a lie, really. He’s still in love with someone else. I hate being confused. Im not sure what this letter is about, im typing it in photography class. my fingers are cold. I think about how the universe might feel. I think i am the universe. maybe thats why i think about it so much. I dont know how i feel. im not sure. if i could fly from this dimension though, i would.

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