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    1. Ant
      November 19, 2017 at 10:58 pm

      Well I love you to but you always say that I don’t love you and that hurts me and what you said I did to you isn’t all true and to think that I would ever hurt our little minions is crazy well I love you sugar tits

      • Rantings of a woman in love
        November 20, 2017 at 3:44 pm

        @Ant, lol I like the little minions and sugar tits comment. Sadly you are not him, we dont have minions nor has he ever tasted my tits to even compare them to sugar, lol.

        If you dont fit the description of the man I have been ranting about then you are not him. Also if you dont understand the language I have been writing on some of my letters then you are not him.

        I would give anything to have him find these letters and know its me but the chances are next to zero.

        I am a person of the LINS seemingly destined to get lost in this vast world of the web, looking for hope and the one I love. Always coming in and out of the shadows. A mystical person who comes anonymously to write of her feelings for another. Though one is never truly anonymous on the web,lol. Lost in my own thoughts and emotions. Seeminly delusional to the bitter end. Seemingly doomed to love one person. Seemingly torn apart to shreds by unknowns. Seemingly destined to hunger for only one man, the anchor of my heart, my Tony. Seemingly like a ship sailing without direction no matter how much I try to steer through the tormulous waves I seem to end up nowhere. No land in site. Just pure hell. Maybe I should just jump into the deep sea to be devoured by the vast abyss full of creatures known and unknown. To sink to the deep never to be found. Waiting for the one I love to find at me. Waiting for the one I love to look at me. Waiting for the one I love to love me. Waiting for the one I love to come for me. Waiting for him to pull me and hold me in his arms and tell me that everything is going to be ok. Waiting for him. My head clean shaven, brown eyes, scar on chin under lip on left handside, dimpled cheeks man. My Tony, the man who own my heart. My dark angel rider who melts the tar with his black beast.

        P.S: I hope you do show that woman you love her. Prove it to her you love her so she wont ever doubt your love. Dont let her be like me. Dont let her be lost.

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